Today the Church celebrates the feast of the Guardian Angels… where we acknowledge our belief that God has such a tremendous, particular, special love for every one of us individually that he has appointed an angel at our side at all times – as a support, as a guide, as an encouragement, as an intercessor for us. 

That this happens to fall on the day where we’ve been seeing and hearing all this horrific news from Las Vegas of the worst mass shooting in US history is jarring.

At first I was kind of dismayed by the intersection of both these realities.  The contradiction of these things.  But after the shock of the unimaginable evil sadly sunk in, it almost seems providential.  That as people of faith, we have to remember, have to proclaim in our loving and gentle ways to a world that seems less familiar to who God truly is or may have a distorted image of Him  —  to proclaim that God has not abandoned them, or us. 

As we mourn the senseless destruction of life – and pray for the souls of those who were lost; pray for those injured, pray for those who are mourning; pray for those trying to bring peace and comfort;  we also give thanks to God for our guardian angels and pray that they continue to be at our side to light, to guard, to rule and guide us.  May we be God’s messengers to a world that desperately needs His word.