//UPDATE – Incident at Newman Center II – May 21

UPDATE – Incident at Newman Center II – May 21

Thanks to everyone who’s called, texted, messaged, etc us regarding the incident from last evening (posted below).  We’re grateful that our landscaper (Joe Lauritano Landscapers in Clifton NJ) were able to get a crane and crew together to spend over 2 hours cutting branches and lifting them off our building.  They were able to remove about 3/4 of the tree from the house, put temporary roofing (tarps and plywood) up to prevent further damage.

Tomorrow, General Contractors will be arriving to clear out the massive debris and an Architect will be out to assess the structural integrity of the house – hopefully giving us an “all clear” sign to allow us back into Newman II.  He will also map out a game plan for the substantial work that will be necessary.

By next week, we hope to have an even larger crane on site to finish the removal of the one tree and to remove three other massive trees in a similar area that have now, obviously, been deemed dangerous.

We appreciate your concern, and especially your prayers and support.  Again, my thanks to everyone from the City of Clifton, to the Archdiocese of Newark, to Joe Lauritano and his crew – and to all of our friends – both local and around the world checking in on us.