So tonight we got to hear from a “guru.”  One of FORBES Magazine top 10 gurus you should know — NY Times Best Selling Author of Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  Not the usual speakers we’ve gotten accustomed to hearing at this National Conferences.  Sounds like the type of guy that you’d likely hear at a Wall Street corporate “retreat” or something.

But this successful man, who imparted practical, solid, “life” advice that would be helpful to anyone – atheist or believer – it was his personal testimony that was amazing.

He for years and years he would pray “GOD IF ONLY THIS HAPPENS… [insert wish] I’LL BE HAPPY.”  That blank was filled with all kind of things:  getting into the college he wanted; getting thru that college; marrying the girl he loved; praying for his son’s health (when a brain tumor was forming); to writing a book; to wanting that book to be a best seller…

As each of those “wishes” was fulfilled, he found there was always something else coming up.

It wasn’t until 5 years ago, being on stage at Radio City Music Hall; giving a speech to a room of titans of industry who had heard from former Presidents and people from all walks of life — and being told that his speech was the highest reviewed of them all — that he said he realized how absolutely empty he felt.  He shared that he walked out of Radio City, two blocks away, went to St. Patricks Cathedral and knelt and realized an essential truth that he pleaded with these 20 somethings to hear and realize it’s not too early… you’re not too young to take to heart that —

If you’re not seeking, living for God and Him alone; you will never find Peace.

And the way to start to do that, he suggested is pray that the Lord will crush your pride — the root of all sin.  His testimony and witness was an incredible revelation.  This wasn’t a priest or religious person, but a man who had been there and lived it… Whether the 6000+ remember each aspect of his story — the joy in his voice sharing how he discovering this truth is something I’m sure few will ever forget.

Especially as he prayed “don’t wait 20 years from now to discover what I learned at the age of 42.”  And very movingly as he concluded “the world can be a difficult place to live and work in… seeing all of you these last few days though, you give me great hope.  Realizing that if the 6000 of you make that choice to live for God and seeking Him First how you can save our world.”

May we all take those words to heart.