Sorry for the lack of updates today…  The internet connection has been slow, and things have been crazily busy.  The students have been running all over this vast resort from one convention hall to the other for a variety of talks.  There’s about 8 options for each “impact session” with topics like “Zombie Apocalypse”; “Satan has a plan for your life”; “Why do women do that?  What chick Flicks and Love Songs have to do with Chastity (For Men Only)” (which was one of my favorite talks…)

Anyway, gotta run for tonights impact session before Adoration and Confessions Begin tonight.  Pray for our students.  It’s such an awesome experience seeing thousands of kids waiting in line for Confession as they adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Oh, and in true Jersey Fashion, the students gathered for “dinner” tonight.  We had to make due eating in front of an escalator on the floor without plates or napkins over 20 Pappa John’s Pizza’s…  If people didn’t know we were from Jersey before, they certainly did after πŸ™‚