While SEEK 2013 is similar to other FOCUS conferences we’ve attended in that they’re PACKED with amazing speakers, beautiful liturgies, break out sessions, opportunities for confession or to go to Adoration… there’s also been time for the students to get to know each other and make new friends, or strengthen bonds in an intentional, authentic, Christ centered way.  Here are students from MSU and Kean on a dinner break enjoying the “Disney Boardwalk”.  It ain’t like a boardwalk in New Jersey… but its doubtful any one could compare with those.

But that’s not a diss at Disney.   Especially considering the place we’re staying at is pretty epic…  Tonight there’s the Keynote Address from Pat Lencioni addressing “Living in the Dark:  Living a Christian Life in a Secular World.”  Followed by an opportunity for the students to learn how to Swing Dance and go to a “Roarin ’20’s Party.  It’s doubtful their chaplain will see them at that.