//Another day of being blown away

Another day of being blown away

Since this is a Lenten Pilgrimage, we’re seeing some rather incredible sites to assist us in our Lenten devotions. We started the day with Mass at one of the 4 major Basilicas in Rome – St Mary major, the largest Church dedicated to the Blessed Mother. After that we saw a piece of the pillar where Jesus was scourged, the chains that bound St Peter that were rendered useless with the help of an angel (see the Acts of the Apostles) took the “Scavi Tour” to see the bones of St Peter and His tomb… Followed by some lengthy walks throughout Rome.

It’s all been mindblowing amazing, (i feel like i have spiritual whiplash after all ive seen) but must admit, after seeing where I’ll be able to celebrate Mass tmrw- I think we’re just getting started

Here’s some pics. Sorry I can’t label/caption them. It’s not easy doing this on the iPhone. But I appreciate all of you who are “sharing this” with me