There’s been a lot said about Lila Rose who has been doing “sting” operations to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal, hideous activities (other than the ones we already knew about). I’ve really been concerned as more and more students seem enamored by her tactics.

While I appreciate her passionate defense of the most defenseless, as Catholics we need to be very cautious about using evil means (in this case, Lying) to conquer an even greater evil (Abortion)

Could not put this better:

From: http://newtheologicalmovement.blogspot.com/2011/02/lying-to-planned-parenthood-or-is-it.html

After thirty-eight years of terrible struggle, there is a danger of despair. Individuals in the pro-life movement may be tempted to lose hope, to think that (without radical actions) abortion will never end. This seems to be at the root of the “sting” operations – no longer content to use the normal and morally acceptable means which God has provided, certain pro-life workers are taking things into their own hands and even attempting to justify objectively sinful actions for the sake of some greater good.

But we must remember that the victory of the Culture of Life is not essentially something within human powers. Death has reigned on earth since the Fall, and it is only conquered through the God-Man, Jesus Christ. He alone will win the victory for Life, he alone will overcome death in the world. It is Christ who will defeat Planned Parenthood, we can only participate in his work. But, Christ is the Truth – and, if we act against the Truth, we act against Christ. If we live not in the Truth, we are no longer pro-life workers, but have already begun to participate in the culture of death.

What’s even sadder to me is that this has brought division to pro-lifers (those supporting Lila and those who don’t). Isn’t such division among such a united group just one more sign of the presence of evil?